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Airport Transfer Rates
International flight arrival pickup: Rates are based on hourly rate with 3-Hour minimum charge.

The Basic Airport Transfer rates are based on pickup and drop-off without any delay or waiting time for Domestic flights. Your reserved vehicle is dispatched according to the flight estimated arrival time provided by the airline-automated system. The hourly rate with a 3 Hour minimum charge (time based from garage to garage) is applicable to delays caused by:

The airlines - providing inaccurate ETA or wrong gate/terminal information, delay or loss of luggage or luggage arriving on a different flight, last minute flight cancellation and the car is already at pickup location or already on its way - or - The airport traffic - such as airplane waiting on airfield for available terminal. Or any unforeseen circumstance - such as bad weather conditions.

As Directed Rates
Based on hourly rate with 3-hour minimum charge (time based from garage to garage). The rates and the minimum hour requirement may be changed during special events, holidays and/or by our affiliates' special requirements.

Note: The published rates may vary based on negotiated rates with our affiliates in each city or if a specific limousine company is requested.

Cancellation Policy
24 hour notice prior to the scheduled pickup time (based on the local time zone of the pick up location) to avoid late cancellation or no-show penalty. The cancellation policy may be changed during special events, holidays and/or by our affiliates' cancellation policy requirements.

No Show Charge
If you are unable to locate the chauffeur, please call our 24-hour dispatch at 1-888-553-0043 or 818-755-0044. Our dispatch will be able to locate our chauffeurs right away with 2-way radios. A No Show Charge (full charge) will be applied if the passengers fail to call our dispatch before leaving the scheduled pickup location. A No Show Charge will also be applied if the client fails to inform us of the cancellation.

International Network
Executive Transportation Service can also arrange your ground transportation overseas with our affiliates worldwide. Please call to inquire for your international travel arrangements at 1-888-553-0043
or Fax: 818-755-0005.

Please do not hesitate to call if we can be of further assistance. Please fax this form back to us with your acknowledgement signature at 818-755-0005. Thank you.

I am informed of the above policies and will advise the clients and/or the passengers. I also understand that the credit card provided to Executive Transportation Service will be used as a guarantee of the Reservation, and No Show charge.

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