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          Travel Time: Varies (see below)
All charges are computed from the time the vehicle leaves the garage until it has returned. There is a 30-minute travel time to and from all pick-up and drop-off location in all cities.

          National / International Rates:
All rates and minimums vary from above in all national and international locations.

All gratuities are non-negotiable and are automatically added to the bill. Additional gratuities are welcome at your discretion.

          No Shows / Late Cancellations:
All no-shows and late cancellations are billed the minimum charge of the vehicle. Cancellation numbers should always be given and noted. The client is responsible to ask for the cancellation number when an order is cancelled. If you do not have a cancellation number, you will be charged for the minimum of the vehicle. Cancellation must be made under the following guidelines to avoid cancellation charges. If you are unable to locate the chauffeur, please call our 24-hour dispatch at 1-888-553-0043.

Los Angeles / New York City A minimum of 3 hours notice prior to the scheduled pick up time.
Continental United States A minimum of 6 hours notice prior to the scheduled pick up time (Pacific Standard Time).
International A minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled pick up time (based On the local time zone location) to avoid late cancellation or no-show Penalty.

Rates and Minimums:
All rates, minimums, and policies are subject to change
without notice and may vary for each location or due to affiliates' requirements.

Awards Shows, Sporting Events, City Wide Events and Conventions:
All rates and minimums may vary during high demand events or dates. In addition, the following additional charges may be implemented:
Coordinator Fees · Parking Fees · Radio/Phone Communication ·Rental Fees

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